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Watering Your Lawn: The When, What, And How

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Everyone knows that anything green needs water to grow, but the exact mechanics of the process is a mystery to many. You may be inclined to let nature take its course, but in areas where rainfall is unpredictable that method could lead to a dry and dying lawn. Overwatering your lawn is an equally pervasive danger, making one in three Americans unsure as to how often they need to water their lawn. Calm your watering worries by knowing these lawn care basics.

When You Need To Water

You can tell your lawn needs to be watered if it is turning dull green or taking on a grayish cast. When you walk on the lawn and your footprints don’t disappear quickly, the grass blades don’t have the moisture they need to spring back. To water properly, you need to create a lawn care schedule. The best time to water your lawn is in the morning before 10 a.m. as the cooler temperatures and calmer winds allow the soil to soak in the water before it evaporates. If you need to water in the evening, the best time is between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. so that the grass blades can dry before nightfall. Never water at night, as that leads to a greater chance of disease affecting your lawn.

What Equipment You Need To Water

While lawn care services come with all of the bells and whistles of lawn care maintenance, you can get one or two pieces of equipment that will help keep your lawn healthy. These are three of the most common lawn watering methods:


  • In-ground sprinklers: Often considered the best way to deliver water in the most efficient pattern, these sprinklers are not water guzzlers like some other designs.


  • Hose-end sprinklers: These sprinklers come in many different types, so you can choose the one that best fits your lawn. In general, they are perfect for small and medium lawns.


  • Smart watering systems: With many of these systems, you can control the water schedule from your smartphone and use real-time weather data to automate watering.


How To Know You’ve Water Enough

Overwatering your lawn is a common mistake among homeowners, but there are some tricks to know when its well-hydrated. During your first watering, check the soil every 15 minutes with a shovel or screwdriver. Once the water has soaked the soil to a depth of about six inches, note the time and you’ll know that’s how long you need to water your lawn. If you don’t want to dig up your soil, place clean and empty tuna cans around the lawn. Observe how long it takes to collect one inch of water in each can and use the average time for all cans to determine how long you need to water your lawn.

To get a lawn that looks fresh and lush, you don’t need to turn to lawn treatment services. Simply pay attention to your watering schedule and make sure that your lawn is happy with the amount of water it is getting.

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