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3 Lawn Care Mistakes You’re Probably Making

landscape designYour home is more than just the brick and mortar building where you hang your hat. It’s also the yard that the home sits on (plus other things). In fact, 75% of households in America have some type of lawn or landscaping. While a homeowner can get wrapped up in creating a perfect landscape design, starting with the basics is a better bet.

Even the most experienced of yard workers can be making detrimental mistakes with their lawn care. So before you bust out your mower this Saturday for some routine lawn maintenance, be sure you’re not making these lawn care mistakes.

Cutting your grass too short

It can be tempting to cut your grass as short as possible to avoid having to mow it as frequently, but cutting too much can actually be unhealthy for your lawn. Typically, you should only cut the top third of the grass blades per pass. Cutting too much can hurt the grass’ ability to grow deep and healthy roots.

Only using one seed type

You might find it attractive to only use one type of grass seed for your lawn but it is actually better to use a mixture. Using various types of grass seed can help offset each of the strains’ weaknesses and encourage strong and healthy growth. It can also help to better defend your lawn against harsh weather such as droughts.

Mowing with a dull blade

Despite making your job harder and taking up the majority of your day off, cutting with a dull blade is actually unhealthy for your lawn. Cutting with a dull blade ends up bruising or tearing the grass shoots, which can turn your lawn gray and brown and end up leaving your grass prone to disease. Be sure to have your mower blade sharpened at least once a year depending on how often you cut.

Avoiding these lawn care mistakes can help ensure that your lawn is one of the key features of your home. Granted, having the ultimate landscape design might help but nothing looks as nice as a freshly mowed, green lawn sprawling out in around your home.

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