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Dealing with De-Icing and Your Lawn

Winter is here, bringing ice, sleet, and other nuisances. Ice removal is necessary to prevent slips, falls, and potential serious injuries, but some ice melt products can also inadvertently harm your lawn. In the interest of helping you choose ice melt products that are still effective but that don’t harm your plants, we’ve put together…

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Give Your Lawn Some Breathing Room!

You might not realize it, but every once in a while, your lawn needs to be aired out. Over time, your grass becomes compacted, especially grass that grows in soil with a high clay content or in high traffic areas. As a result, oxygen has difficulty making it down to the roots, which can make…

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Five Lawn Care Myths and Why it’s a Good Idea to Hire Professionals

April is National Lawn Care Month, the perfect time to get your yard ready for summer picnics, parties, and evenings sitting by the pool. When it comes to lawn care services in Little Rock, Little Rock Lawns has a 17-year history of providing top-notch, professional service. Our many years of experience have shown us that…

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Does Your Lawn Have Curb Appeal?

Spring and summer are just around the corner, which means months of sunshine and time spent outdoors with friends and family. Is your lawn ready? In the fall and winter months, it can be easy to ignore lawn care in favor of other chores or to-dos. But when the warmer days come back, it can…

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4 Tips to Help Ensure a Healthy Lawn this Fall

  For many of our friends in colder regions, lawn care is exclusively a summer activity. Wherever warm-season grass reigns as king, summer is often spent constantly mowing and watering your yard’s crowning achievement — and fall is seen as the time to simply “let it rest.” However, lawn care in Little Rock runs by…

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