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How Many Lawn Treatments Do I Really Need?

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Lawn and lawn care services and programs are a common practice that’s good for both the environment and your health. In fact, the right lawn care not only makes you feel confident but also ensures peace of mind and an attractive lawn.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of lawn treatments and help you understand how many lawn treatments you truly need. We’ll cover different grass types, weed control, seasonal care, and preventative grub control to make sure your lawn thrives.


Using lawn mower for lawn treatments


Types of Lawn Care Treatments

To maintain a healthy lawn, there are many lawn treatments that play a vital role. These treatments fulfill various lawn needs, from supplying essential nutrients to controlling pests. One important lawn treatment is the pre-emergent herbicide, used in late winter or early spring before new weeds appear. These products are eco-friendly because they contain natural ingredients, even though they may take a bit longer to show results.

When it comes to pest control, especially for those pesky lawn grubs, there are two approaches. These destructive critters feed on the root system and leaves. While chemical pesticides work, they’re not great for the environment or human health. Natural pest control methods involve using insects that prey on other insects or insecticides derived from plants.

Organic treatments are gentler on the environment, but they might work a bit more slowly and require multiple applications. On the other hand, chemical treatments are designed to work quickly and effectively.

Seasonal Treatments

Ensuring your lawn’s health throughout the year means giving it what it needs to thrive, no matter the season. Let’s explore the unique challenges and opportunities that each season brings, and how to tackle them.

Spring Care

Spring is the season of growth, setting the tone for the entire year. To keep your lawn healthy, don’t go overboard with fertilizer, and make sure to remove broadleaf weeds during this time.

Summer Care

When the sun shines and early summer heat arrives, it’s essential to pay extra attention to your lawn and garden. Grass grows rapidly during the summer months, so regular mowing is a must. Keeping your grass at an appropriate height is important because it provides shade to the soil. In late summer, weeds and pests become very active, competing with plants for nutrients.


Lawn during fall season


Fall Care

Fall is an ideal time for maintenance tasks, as the weather becomes milder and rainfall increases. After a hot summer, the soil tends to get compacted. Aeration comes to the rescue, breaking up the soil and allowing more water, nutrients, and air to reach the grass, making it healthier.

Winter Care

During the winter, lawns go dormant, but applying fertilizer provides the roots with the nutrients they need to prepare for spring growth. In the cool season, some grasses and plants may actually need more protection to shield them from winter damage and ensure they make it through to spring.

Selecting Lawn Care Companies

When choosing a lawn care company, look for one that can provide your space with all the necessary treatments. They should know how to reduce excessive weed growth, offer aeration services, and effectively control broadleaf weeds. An experienced lawn care technician has a professional eye and can determine how many lawn applications your lawn actually is getting what it needs.

A reliable lawn care professional will have everything needed to provide you with the best lawn care program and high-quality services over multiple visits. Be sure to check out Little Rock Lawns to book your lawn care visits today.

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