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Different Kinds Of Lawn Treatment Services

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You look at your lawn and you think that it doesn’t look quite right, but you’re having trouble deciding which of the many kinds of lawn treatment services you need. Knowing your options for treatment is important, as you can then make an informed decision on what you are paying for. Before you call lawn care services to save your yard, know these different service options.


  • Mulching: Many yards have mulch around the beds of their plants and trees. Typically made of wood chips and other organic matter, mulch keeps these plant beds looking clean and tidy. There are different qualities and colors of mulch, but having professionals mulch your yard for you can save you an enormous amount of time and effort.
  • Fertilization: A popular choice of the lawn treatment services, fertilization is a precise process that the professionals handle best. They know the delicate balance of how much fertilizer to use that most homeowners don’t. As much as 64% of American homeowners believe that it is necessary to fertilize all of their grass during the spring, but that can seriously harm a yard.
  • Lawn Mowing: You are probably aware of this service, but lawn mowing is one of the most popular services a lawn care company provides. Professional mowing saves you the work and time of doing it yourself and companies can also do your edging and trimming as needed.
  • Aeration: This is the process of pulling plugs of grass, thatch, and soil from your lawn. The point of the process is to leave holes that allow the lawn to breathe, while also giving fertilizer and water an easier access point to the roots.
  • Weed Removal: As another tedious chore that takes up your personal time, weeding is a great service to have done by a professional company. They can either come to your home to remove weeds here and there, or they can use a treatment to kill off existing weeds and prevent them from growing.


The main point of using lawn treatment services is to hand the responsibilities of your lawn care off to someone else. This will free up your time and take your worries off of the proper way to care for your lawn as you leave it to the professionals.

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