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3 Ways to Make Your Lawn Easier to Maintain

Your landscaping is particularly awkward and is kind of a pain to take care of. There’s so much grass to mow and maintain that it feels like you’re on the lawn mower every other day. Does that sound like you? You aren’t alone, there are many people who hate having to think about lawn care…

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3 Ways to Use Landscaping to Improve Your Home Security

Your home’s landscaping is important for a number of reasons, and can ultimately improve a home’s return on investment, or ROI, by 15%. But a nice looking lawn and a positive financial return aren’t the only reasons you should consider upping your landscape game. A good landscape design can actually help keep your home safer…

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How to Use Landscaping to Improve Home Security

The following guest post was contributed by Dynamark Security of Richmond, a Virginia-based home security and alarm company. There are dozens of ways you can improve your home security. Some of the best-known include purchasing a home security system, setting lights on timers while you’re away on holiday, and really obvious steps, like installing (and…

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