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Does Your Lawn Have Curb Appeal?

Spring and summer are just around the corner, which means months of sunshine and time spent outdoors with friends and family.

Is your lawn ready?

In the fall and winter months, it can be easy to ignore lawn care in favor of other chores or to-dos. But when the warmer days come back, it can suddenly be a frustratingly time-consuming experience getting your lawn ready for the warmer weather again. Lawns tend to get overgrown, patches of grass become damaged and need to be re-seeded, and unappealing clutter often accumulates.

To help streamline the process, follow these five tips to help make your lawn healthy and beautiful in time for spring – with the added bonus of keeping it that way all year long.

Make Your Landscaping Spring-Ready with These 5 Tips

1. Choose the Best Grass Treatment

Did you know Arkansas is situated in the “transition zone?” This means that both warm-season and cool-season turf grass can be grown – but, unfortunately, this also means maintaining your grass is more difficult. Spreading additional grass seed to re-seed any damaged areas from the cooler weather months is common. If that sounds like something your lawn needs, you’ll want to focus on getting the best type of turf grass for your location to achieve the highest quality results. We recommend checking’s USDA Zone Map for Arkansas to learn which type of grass will work best before you invest time and money.

2. Be Proactive with Weed Prevention

Pre-emergent weed care is the best way to eliminate weeds before you even see them. It works by activating in the top layer of soil where weed seeds sprout, preventing them from growing. Being proactive with pre-emergent weed prevention can make long-term lawn maintenance much easier, because it breaks the cycle of re-growth.

3. Work on the Landscaping

Once you’ve chosen the best grass treatment and protected your yard with pre-emergent weed care, you can focus on upping thatLittle Rock Lawn Care Spring curb appeal to make the lawn more enticing. The best way to do this is by working on the landscaping, which may require:

  • Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs
  • Re-defining the borders of your lawn that may have overgrown
  • Re-edging and cleaning your garden and flower beds
  • Clearing debris, leaves, branches, and clutter

Not only will improving the landscaping help make your lawn appear more attractive and inviting, it will make it safer for children and pets as well. Less clutter means less chance for little hands or paws to get into something they shouldn’t.

4. Maintain Your Lawn with Regular Lawn Care

While the cold-weather months do make it easy for you to dodge lawn care altogether, regular lawn care helps keep your yard looking beautiful and child-safe year-round – and cuts down on the crush of hours, days, or even weeks of work all at once. By making the following tasks a regular routine, you can significantly lessen your workload later on:

  • Mowing
  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Fertilizing
  • Pest and disease control

5. Hire a Professional Lawn Service

Sometimes, lawn care and maintenance requires a time commitment that doesn’t quite fit your lifestyle. Finding the time to dedicate to hours of mowing, pruning, or watering is often difficult with jobs, family obligations, and day-to-day hobbies and activities. By relying on the professional lawn care, landscaping, and gardening service from Little Rock Lawns, a local company with high-end golf course care and maintenance experience, you can relax and enjoy:

  • Peace of mind
  • More time back in your day
  • Less labor and hassle

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Are you ready to make your lawn spring-ready? If you need help getting your lawn ready for warm weather or year-round lawn care services in Little Rock, look no further than Little Rock Lawns. We offer the best lawn care, landscaping, and gardening service in Little Rock from professionals with decades of experience.

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