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4 Tips to Help Ensure a Healthy Lawn this Fall


For many of our friends in colder regions, lawn care is exclusively a summer activity. Wherever warm-season grass reigns as king, summer is often spent constantly mowing and watering your yard’s crowning achievement — and fall is seen as the time to simply “let it rest.” However, lawn care in Little Rock runs by slightly different rules.

The contrasting seasons of Arkansas have made cool-season varieties of grass more the norm. These varieties do most of their growing and nourishing between October and November, rather than during the blazing heat of August. While much easier to adapt to the local climate, it also means that most advice for landscaping in Little Rock is bound to be slightly different. In particular, it means that fall is actually the “high season” for lawn care in Little Rock.

The following tips will help you up your lawn care game in Little Rock, as well as design a solid landscaping effort around this season.


  1. Leaves Are Not the Enemy Unless You Let Them Be

If there are many trees surrounding your yard, then one of the most urgent things to take care off this fall is to get rid of the heaps of leaves that will fall. Ideally, leaves should be raked every day. However, this is often not realistic — we all have commitments and errands to run during the week, which often won’t let us take care of the lawn until the weekend.

Unfortunately, leaves trap moisture and prevent sunlight from reaching the grass, so they can easily undo months of hard work on your lawn’s health. Wet, stuck together leaves will also attract pests and fungi that won’t do your yard any favors. If you have an orchard or several trees in your yard (or if the wind is simply working against you) then it’s best to get the assistance of a Little Rock lawn care services company for thorough leaf removal.

  1. Nourishment Counts for Two During This Season

Since cool-season grass does most of its growing during the fall, any extra pampering that you can provide your lawn will reap a larger reward. When it comes to lawn care in Little Rock, this should include fertilizing as well as aerating, which will allow extra air, water, and nutrients to reach your turf’s roots. A good dose of nitrogen is also likely to benefit your lawn, especially during early October.

Fall is not just a great time for applying fertilizer, though — it’s also an ideal time to start working on your own eco-friendly alternative. Fallen leaves should not just be left for the garbage truck; they make good mulch, as well as a good base for compost.

  1. Check Your Irrigation System

When landscaping in Little Rock it’s important to keep the colder months in mind — especially the possibility of an abrupt drop below freezing point. Whether you used a system of automatic sprinklers or a good-old fashioned hose during the summer, fall is the time to maintain and winterize it.

It’s important to make sure there is no water left inside the sprinklers or hoses, as these could break when frozen. If you’re lucky, it will only be a matter of replacing them — but they could also cause a bigger leak that could severely damage your yard.

  1. Decorating for the Season

In most people’s minds, fall is the time of harvest, not of planting. However, there are many species of flowers and bushes that should be planted in autumn and early winter. Daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths can all provide beautiful flowers in the spring when they’re planted from the bulb. For best results, try combining tulips and hyacinths, or daffodils with hardy pansies to double the bloom.

If there are any bald spots around your yard, fall is also a great time to replant or repair your turf. With the help of a knowledgeable Little Rock landscaping services company, this can be the best season to beautify your garden for spring.


Fall is a very colorful, peaceful season — and while it may not have the vivid flowers and green grass of summer, you can still make sure your yard stays healthy and lush. If you are looking to prepare for the winter and build a foundation for years to come, contact one of Little Rock’s top lawn care services today.


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