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Little Rock Lawns: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

We are often asked a number of questions regarding Lawn Services and Lawn Maintenance in Little Rock, North Little Rock and Maumelle.  We’ve provided several answers below, but as always we’d love to speak with you directly to best understand your lawn care and landscaping needs.

Q: Who will work on my property?
A: Our lawn maintenance crews are professional, well-trained, and properly equipped with the right tools to do the job you’ve hired us to do. Our lead lawn service manager supervises the work and performs inspection when the work is done. He will also meet with you once every quarter to make sure you’re satisfied with the work and that all your needs are being covered.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?
A: Yes, we hold all the licenses necessary for doing residential landscaping and for the various products we use in lawn maintenance. We’re also insured and bonded for all the work we do.

Q: Do you offer any guarantees?
A: Absolutely. In addition to meeting with customers once every quarter, we want to hear from them in between if there’s anything they need or anything they want done differently. If we missed anything on their lawn service, we’re happy to come back and take care of it. We guarantee customer satisfaction – but to keep that guarantee, we have to know there’s an issue. So we always want to hear from customers if there’s anything they aren’t happy with.

Q: How much do you charge?
A: That all depends on the maintenance plan you select, any additional services you want done, and the size of your yard. We provide a free lawn analysis and a free estimate, so you’ll know on the front end exactly what your cost will be. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to come take a look and give you a price.

Q: What types of payments do you accept?
A: We accept ACH (electronic debit), Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and personal checks. For our lawn service contracts we keep a credit card on file to ensure prompt payment, but if you prefer to pay with check we will not charge your card.

Q: What type of lawn maintenance plans do you offer?
A: We offer 3 basic plans: The first is 43 services a year – weekly, April 1st through November, and bi-weekly December 1st through March. Or, customers can opt for 26 services, bi-weekly year-round. We also offer a seasonal plan for April 1st through November.

In addition, we offer levellized billing to our contract customers. With levellized billing, we divide the cost for the entire year evenly, so our customers know exactly what the cost will be each month. This makes it easier to budget for lawn maintenance year-round and eliminates high bills during April – November, when most of the work is being done.

Q. What services do your lawn maintenance plans cover?
A: Our regular lawn maintenance services include: mowing, blowing, weed eating, edging, weeding of beds, and pruning. Additional services include pesticides and fertilizer as needed for both grass and ornamentals, power washing, gutter cleaning, and mulching. We can winterize your sprinkler system, and start it up again in the spring. We can program and maintain the sprinkler system. We’ll adjust the sprinkler for the time of year since we’re maintaining the yard. When we notice it’s starting to get dryer, we bump up the run times or days of week. Basically, we do all routine maintenance, and you can add on whatever additional services you like.

Q: Can customers choose the day of the week their lawn will be serviced?
A: Within some limits. We try to accommodate requests as much as possible while minimizing the amount of time we spend driving from one side of town to the other.

Q: Is there a best day of the week to have my lawn service done?
A: A lot of times people automatically think Friday, just because it’s right before the weekend. But if it rains Friday, then we’re not back until Monday and it’s only another 4 days before we’re back again. Mid-week offers more flexibility. If you’re scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday service and it rains, we can still get there and get it done the next day, before the weekend.

Q: Can you schedule to accommodate a special event?
A: Yes. If customers let us know they’ve got a party at their home on Friday evening – if they’ll give us a few days advance notice, we can arrange to do their lawn service Friday afternoon instead of their regular time, so everything is freshly done and looking its best.

Q: What do you do with all the lawn debris?
A: We catch all lawn clippings and haul them away from the site, along with any sticks, cones, branches, needles or leaves that we’ve cleaned up.

Q: What is the optimal height for mowing the lawn?
A: 2-1/2” – 3” is generally best. If it’s routinely cut shorter, it will not have enough top growth to be able to support deep roots; also, shorter grass doesn’t shade the roots as well, will dry out more quickly and require more watering. On the other hand, when it gets beyond 4” or 5”, it can start to look unkempt.

Q: Why do you only have weekly and bi-weekly maintenance plans? What if I only want the lawn done every 3 weeks?
A: We schedule maintenance according to the optimal health needs of your lawn. Any time you remove more than a third of the plant, you weaken it. So if you wait until the grass is 5” tall before mowing to 2-1/2”, you’re removing more than 1/3 of the plant. In our climate, grass that is being adequately watered during the growing season will easily grow 1” per week; weekly or bi-weekly mowings will keep it at the optimal height without weakening it.

Q: How much should I water my lawn?
A: That depends on how hot it is and how much it has rained. There is a general rule of thumb though – it’s better to water less frequently and deeper than to water just a little each day. Deep, less-frequent watering encourages grass to put down deep roots and makes it more drought-resistant for those times where you might end up watering a day or two later than optimal.

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