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Fertilizing Frenzy: 3 Benefits Of Using Lawn Fertilizer

Fertilizer and yard

Your lawn is one of the first things someone sees when they come to your home, so naturally, you want it to make a good impression. As much as 94% of homeowners in America say that landscape services were performed on their lawn within the last year. These efforts in lawn care services to keep a yard looking nice would be ineffective without one main ingredient: lawn fertilizer. Know these important benefits of using lawn fertilizer, and you’ll understand its place in lawn treatment service.


  1. Makes Your Grass Barefoot-Friendly: When you have a large backyard with large spaces that are practically made for kids to run around and parties to be held in it, you want to make sure that the grass is up to par. When you regularly fertilize your lawn, you’re giving it the ability to withstand the stresses of heat, drought, and tromping feet. Your grass will grow stronger and will make the perfect yard cover for your active family. When you have kids running around the yard free and shoe-less, you want to be sure that the grass will keep their feet safe.
  2. Covers All Nutrient Needs: One of the biggest advantages of integrating fertilizer into your lawn care services is that it is a sure and efficient way to get your yard’s plants the nutrients they need. Various factors, such as the weather and insect infestations, can take a toll on the greenery in your yard if it is not properly prepared. By fortifying your lawn with fertilizer, the mix of helpful nutrients will make the roots of the plants get deeper and stronger and the blades to grow fuller.
  3. Controls Weeds: Lawn fertilizer is also a great method of weed control. Just as the nutrients help the plants you want to become stronger, it helps the weeds you don’t want to disappear. The plants that are meant to be in your yard will take dominance in the area and leave no room for the pesky weeds that shouldn’t be there. While there are other forms of weed control, like sprays and beds of rocks, those options can be both harmful to those using your lawn and potentially unattractive in your landscaping.


To keep a lawn healthy, it needs the proper nutrition. Lawn fertilizer is an easy way to get that nutrition directly to your lawn and plants.

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