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Commercial Landscaping in Little Rock: A Trend That’s Here to Stay

Up until relatively recently, Little Rock landscaping projects were the exclusive realm of homeowners. However, during the past several years, a quick stroll around Little Rock’s commercial hubs will show that many businesses have begun using landscaping as a key part of their branding. From exquisite flower beds to green-friendly tree lines, commercial landscaping in Little Rock is now easy to spot all around town.

Of course, local business owners have not simply decided to begin caring for their landscapes out of a pure love for nature. If commercial landscaping has grown into an important business, it’s because it works — so it’s only natural that you would want the same benefits for your business.

Curb Appeal Is Not Just for Homes for Sale

If you’ve ever had to sell a home, it’s likely that “improving curb appeal” was atop the list of recommendations mentioned by your Realtor, friends, and any home improvement blogs you consulted. After all, strong impressions are powerful — and in today’s competitive market, shouldn’t you want to provide the best possible one?

This line of thinking also applies to businesses both large and small. Imagine yourself as a potential customer looking for a shoe store, a divorce law firm, or a new office. You may have already heard of the business you are looking for, but haven’t decided on where you’re making your purchase yet, and are just driving by. Chances are, you will have partly made up your mind the second you see the outside of the building.

Effective planning and design is key to successful commercial landscaping - let us help beautify your space

Effective planning and design is key to successful commercial landscaping – let us help beautify your space

A business that looks well-cared-for and inviting will make the customer feel welcome. One that looks luxurious will transmit the image of success. This important first impression has the potential to bring undecided customers inside your store, to make them stay longer, and to make them want to return.

Commercial landscaping in Little Rock goes way beyond lawn mowing and pruning, after all: As the most visible part of your business, it deserves the same amount of attention a TV ad or radio jingle does. Expert hands will be required to tell you what needs to be improved, and how to do it efficiently.

Commercial Landscaping Saves Money

The case for commercial landscaping as a way to increase your customer base is a pretty direct one to make. However, when it comes to allocating budgets, sometimes there’s just no room for another new investment. But have you considered that a thorough landscaping evaluation could actually be a way to save money?

There’s Nothing as Beautiful as Safety

Commercial landscaping efforts, unlike residential ones, have the advantage of including a much more thorough study of safety regulations. From trimming down the heavy low-hanging branches on your trees to repairing cracks on your driveway that could cause a costly fall, commercial landscaping offers you the opportunity to prevent some very expensive accidents!

Energy Efficiency Indoors and Outdoors

In addition to being beautiful, plants are also excellent isolating material. If you are looking for ways to lower your energy bills and cut your office’s dependence on A/C or heating, then perhaps you should consider a new line of deciduous trees. Other improvements, such as green roofs and a smarter irrigation system, can also lower your monthly energy bills.

A Major Player in Next Year’s Budget

As 2016 draws to a close, companies all around the country are busy calculating their budgets for 2017. Many will have to make cuts in some areas in order to boost others or finance new initiatives. If you are looking to increase your sales or lower energy bills for the coming year, then commercial landscaping should be a part of your to-do list.

Commercial landscaping could have an impact on your bottom line for 2017. Although a new landscaping scheme is more than likely to offset its initial cost, you’ll want to make the time to plan for it in next year’s budget.

Little Rock Lawns prides itself in offering comprehensive landscaping solutions that include design, installation, and maintenance. Call us now to learn how to improve the curb appeal of your business.