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4 Tips to Help You Weed Out Those Undesirable Plants

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When you bought your house, you didn’t think about how much work goes into creating and maintaining your outdoor space. Between mowing, planting, watering, trimming, and weeding, you got yourself another full-time job — especially with weeding. Weeds are persistent and extremely tenacious. Every time you pull one, two more seem to appear in its place.

So, rather than giving yourself a weekly headache, here are some tips to help when weeds attack.

Don’t forget the roots
The most important rule when it comes to weeding is always getting the whole plant, roots included. When you only remove the leaves, the weed will grow back without much effort. In order to get rid of the weed for good (that particular weed, that is), you have to get as close to the ground as possible when you pull. Sometimes the roots will break off, in which case you’re out of luck until it grows back or you dig it out.

Weed when it’s wet
When the ground is hard and compact, it will be harder to pull the whole weed. Instead, wait until after it rains or after you water when the ground will be moist. The wet soil will make it easy to pull the weed out without much of a struggle.

Get them while they’re young
A small, new weed is much easier to pull than a larger, established weed. The roots of a baby weed won’t be as strong, nor have as much of a grip on the soil as a full-grown weed. That means if you shouldn’t always wait for the rain to pull your weeds, especially if you’re in a dry spell. Spray some water and get to pulling.

Bring the right tools
If the soil is dry or the weed is putting up a fight, you can use a sharp object like a screwdriver to help dig around the plant and loosen the soil.

Above all else, the most effective thing you can do is hire a lawn care service. No matter how nice your lawn looks now, it could always use improvement. Almost 69% of American homeowners confess that they think their lawn could be in better condition. What’s more, you could always use a break from trying to do it yourself. Professional lawn care services will take care of the maintenance and beautifying of your lawn for you, so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of a perfectly manicured outdoor space (without any weeds).

Could your lawn use some improvement? Are you tired of trying to maintain it yourself? Give us, a Little Rock landscape and lawn care service, a call today<

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