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3 Ways to Make Your Lawn Easier to Maintain

landscapingYour landscaping is particularly awkward and is kind of a pain to take care of. There’s so much grass to mow and maintain that it feels like you’re on the lawn mower every other day. Does that sound like you? You aren’t alone, there are many people who hate having to think about lawn care on their Saturdays.

If you’re tired of having to maintain your lawn, then consider hiring lawn care services to do it for you. You can also use these tricks to make your yard a little more manageable.

Create an outdoor living space

It is relatively easy to create an outdoor living space and it can be extremely helpful at minimizing how much grass there is to mow. Moreover, it is an extension of your home and can be great for adding a space to relax outdoors or additional space for hosting guests. Outdoor living spaces themselves are relatively low maintenance and can be just what the doctor ordered.

Add mulch

Adding mulch beds around the foundation of your home, trees, gardens, shrubbery, and anywhere else is a great way to minimize the amount of lawn you’ll have to maintain. Mulch is also incredibly good for your soil as it is full of nutrients and helps fertilize the ground beneath it. Even more good news, mulch is a weed deterrent and can help keep those pesky weeds from popping up and creating more lawn care work for you to do.

Plant low-maintenance flowers

A great way to get rid of some of your lawn and add some color to your landscaping is by planting low-maintenance flowers. Lavender, for example, is an aromatic plant that will come back year after year and only requires you to water it once or twice a week. You can look into other plants and flowers that are easy to take care of and only require you to plant them once.

The best way to avoid having to do any lawn care yourself is by hiring someone to maintain your landscape for you. Not to mention, the right company could do wonders for your resale value. Landscaping can increase a home’s ROI by 15%, so consider making a few changes to brighten up your outdoor space and then pass it off to a lawn care company.

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