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Gardener holding a with big scissors looking at plants

3 Lawn Care Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Your home is more than just the brick and mortar building where you hang your hat. It’s also the yard that the home sits on (plus other things). In fact, 75% of households in America have some type of lawn or landscaping. While a homeowner can get wrapped up in creating a perfect landscape design, starting with the basics is a better bet.

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Big lawn in front of a house

How to Use Landscaping to Improve Home Security

There are dozens of ways you can improve your home security. Some of the best-known include purchasing a home security system, setting lights on timers while you’re away on holiday, and really obvious steps, like installing (and actually using!) functional locks on doors and windows.

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Man in gloves throws out a weed that was uprooted from his garden
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When Weeds Attack

The Little Rock area has been fortunate to experience an unusually wet and fairly mild summer, which is great for our plants (and our water

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