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Hardscaping & Landscaping Services


Hardscaping and Landscaping Maintenance

If your landscape was a beautiful painting, the hardscape – or non-living landscape elements – would be the frame. An attractive hardscape helps to organize, enhance, and frame a beautiful lawn & garden. Little Rock Lawns will help our monthly lawn maintenance customers with hardscaping and landscaping design, construction, and upkeep.

Whether you want to create a beautiful outdoor living space, build or replace a walkway, or add a refreshing water feature to your landscape, Little Rock Lawns can design and build it. We’ll design a hardscape that will compliment your home or business.

Once we’ve installed a hardscape frame for your landscape, Little Rock Lawns can complete the vision by choosing the right plants and flowers . We have experience in choosing the perfect plant to create the landscape of your dreams. All you have to do is enjoy.

We will keep your outdoor living space tidy with our monthly maintenance plan.  We are also locally owned & fully insured. Call us today for a FREE estimate.