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A stainless steel drainage culvert surrounded by rocks and green grass.
When it rains in Little Rock, our drainage systems can help keep your lawn healthy!

Proper drainage is important for the health of your lawn. Additionally, it is crucial for protecting your home or business. Founder, Clark Carroll, has 17 years of experience in the design and installation of landscape drainage systems.

Little Rock Landscape Drainage Systems Design

We design landscape drainage systems of all sizes and we will customize your design to meet the drainage requirements because our goal is to make sure your money doesn’t go down the drain.

Little Rock Landscape Drainage Systems

Your landscape drainage system can protect the value of your home. If water pools around foundations or in crawlspaces, it can weaken the foundation.  It can also promote the growth of mold inside your home. Also, concrete settles and crack because water collects in paved areas.  A properly designed landscape drainage system will move water away from areas where it may cause damage.  That will help prevent costly repairs.

Landscape drains can collapse or become clogged with earth over time.  We can pinpoint the problem, repair the damage, and send water on its way.  Furthermore, we will give you a diagnosis and a FREE estimate for repair.

Little Rock Lawns provides quality, reliable, professional landscape drainage system design, installation, and repair. Call us today for a FREE site analysis and estimate. We’re locally owned & operated and are fully licensed & insured for jobs of all sizes.